SCHEDULE – Vizatim (Digital Painting)

Registration Deadline :- 1:00pm, 25/08/2020

25/8/2020 – 3:00 – 3:30PM :-Theme publishing

26/8/2020 – 3:30PM :- Deadline for the submission of digital paintings


Vizatim (Digital Painting)

    1. There will be separate competition for painting with mobile and painting with drawingPad, laptop, computer etc. and there will be separate themes
    2. The themes for the event will be published on the event page.
    3. The submissions will be open till 26/08/2020 – 3.30PM.
    4. The submission is limited to one image per participant.
    5. There are no size restrictions.
    6. All submissions must be digital paintings.
    7. Any forgery may lead to disqualification.
    8. The decision of the evaluation committee will be final.
    9. No registration fee
    10. Prize: Coursera course – Introduction to Virtual Reality

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